Matt Ihms

After an initial drawing review for one of our church projects in Arizona, we received a comment that required us to provide a Traffic Impact Study before we would be given building approval. While the project timeframe was aggressive and needed to be re-submitted as soon as possible, we quickly searched for an engineer who could help us out.
Sean Kellar was one of the engineers contacted, and he turned out to be a truly remarkable find. His quick response and knowledge on the subject made for a smooth re-submittal. While traffic impact studies can often become long and costly tasks, Sean informed us about alternative options that we may look to explore before going down the route of performing a full study. From Sean’s recommendation, we decided to provide a Traffic Impact Statement instead, which led the client to save a substantial portion on time and fees in doing so.
Sean’s honest character, knowledge and efficiency in his area of work is invaluable and I look forward to using his services for any future needs.

Matt IhmsOwnerAnother Look, LLC